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Purchasing real estate may be one of the most important decisions that you make in your life. When you’re considering the various options regarding a real estate purchase in St. Louis, you would be well-advised to consult with an experienced attorney who can inform you of your options.

Our attorneys are honored and privileged to assist our clients with a number of different St. Louis real estate transactions and other real property matters on a daily basis.

In our view, a real estate transaction is a process. Like any other process, there are numerous phases which a purchaser of real estate must go through in order to realize a successful transaction.

The first phase includes research and preparation.

Real Estate Research and Preparation

In order to have a smooth real estate transaction, common sense dictates that you need to do the proper research.

Some of this research includes finding the right real estate agent, finding the right attorney, performing background research on the property, performing searches on comparable sales in that area (your real estate agent can usually assist with this).

There are also a number of other things you need to do before diving into the real estate game, and your lawyer and real estate agent can likely assist with any preliminary questions or matters.

Some examples of issues to review before purchasing real estate include, but are not limited to:

  • checking the crime rate in the area in which the property is located
  • public school district in which the property is located
  • access to libraries, parks, malls, major interstates
  • noise from traffic or other disturbances
  • water drainage issues from neighboring properties
  • other general caveats for the buyer are discussed throughout this website

As part of the preparation process, the purchaser needs to be familiar with the material terms of the contract.

There are some complex provisions as well as boilerplate provisions in the typical real estate contract, and your real estate attorney can help you distinguish the two.

This preparation is necessary, so you know what you’re undertaking when you enter into the real estate purchase contract.

The bottom line is that you’re about to make an incredibly large investment, so you probably should rely on the advice of an attorney who deals with real property transactions on a regular basis.

Real Estate Contract Review and Preparation

Many people wait until after a dispute arises to contact an attorney, but you should inform yourself of the terms in the real estate contract as well as have a lawyer review the language contained in the contract.

This should all be done prior to purchasing the property in order to avoid the pitfalls that may accompany the purchase.

Sometimes the realtor may have a form contract that is approved by the local or regional real estate association, and these are often drafted to be fair for both parties.

However, if you have additional leverage in a real estate transaction, or have potential leverage, your attorney can provide suggestions to help you arrive at your desired outcome.

Additionally, there may be boilerplate language in the contract that significantly impacts your rights in the transaction.

Your lawyer can explain these things to you. This is particularly important when the language is complex, and you are unable to understand it.

So, in accordance with the above, regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller of real estate, you should have an attorney prepare or review your agreement to ensure that it is free from potentially hazardous provisions.

As noted above, a real estate transaction often involves a significant amount of money. When a lot of money is involved, logic dictates that the buyer or seller could potentially lose a lot of money if the transaction goes south.

As such, the assistance of an attorney can help you gain, preserve, or prevent the loss of valuable assets and/or money.

We have attorneys with experience litigating issues that arise from a real estate sale, attorneys who prepare all the documentation relating to the sale of property, and counselors who can help guide you and negotiate a home purchase or sale.

If you need assistance, contact a St. Louis Lawyer today.

Entrusting an Attorney to Handle Your Real Estate Transaction

While it may seem cost effective to negotiate the deal on your own, if any problems occur, it’s all on you. Hiring a lawyer to take on some of these issues can often allocate the burden of managing the case yourself.

Plus, you dish off the work to an attorney, whose job is specifically dedicated to litigation and preparing a case for you.

Ultimately, the attorney will take his time pursing the insurance carrier, or the other party with whom you’ve entered into the transaction.

That will allow you more time to focus on your business. If things work out correctly, your claim may even provide for attorney’s fees which would take care of the legal fees.

If you need assistance with a real estate matter, we can provide legal counsel with a number of different matters such as:

  • purchase and sale disputes,
  • construction claims,
  • landlord-tenant disputes,
  • claims involving adverse possession,
  • prescriptive easements,
  • quiet title and
  • other issues arising from or relating to real estate.

In addition to contractual language, other potential dangers in the purchase of property can result from defective titles, undisclosed facts on the seller’s disclosures, liens on the property, contingencies in the contract, and disputes with the real estate that remain unresolved.

These are just a few of the issues we can help you with.

We are happy to hear any real property issue that you have, and if we can’t help you with it, we can assist you in finding a competent attorney who can.

Please continue to research our site for more information and if you need further guidance, contact one of our St. Louis real estate attorneys today.

If you specifically need assistance with litigating a real estate matter, contact a litigation attorney here.

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