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Depending on the size of your project, a mechanic’s lien can secure hundreds to millions of dollars.

Mechanic’s liens are a critical tool for a construction contractor seeking to collect payment on a construction project.


Because a lien has the ability to collateralize the property for you.

It makes the real property, upon which you’ve performed the work, collateral, in the event that you do not get paid on the project.

Thus, the real property will be your collateral up to the amount you are owed–that’s what filing a valid mechanic’s lien can do for you.

Essentially the lien clouds the title of the property and causes the lender/financial institution to put pressure on the owner of the property (if there’s a mortgage or deed of trust), or it limits marketability of the property because the encumbrance on the title detracts purchasers.

We are not saying that you cannot collect on a construction project without a lien.  Rather, we are merely pointing out the fact that it is the most powerful collection tool that a contractor can use when seeking payment on a construction project.

In light of the importance of a mechanic’s lien, you want to make sure that you preserve your lien rights and utilize those rights when necessary.

We have attorneys who are experienced with filing and defending mechanic’s liens as we have litigated numerous cases dealing with the foreclosure of mechanic’s liens–both defending and prosecuting the same.

If you need assistance in dealing with your mechanic’s lien filing or claim, our attorneys are experienced with handling the same, and we can help you!

Please contact one of our construction law attorneys today.

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