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Litigation Lawyer

A litigator is a special breed of attorney. Litigation is the most adversarial, intense experience one can face when dealing with the law. That’s why litigators are so special.

To be a litigator you have to be forged through the rigors of heavy motion work and through the trial process.

While the trials you’ve seen on television or movies may seem interesting and exciting, the reality is that they are intense, stressful, and the slip of a tongue can cost thousands to millions of dollars.

But there are other things that can cost or save you thousands to millions of dollars also, and those things are motions.

Good Trial Lawyer v. Good Litigation Attorney

Litigation is not just arguing trials. True litigation attorneys have the ability to craft motions in a manner that limits the other side from asserting claims or defenses. The motion work can, at times, limit their recovery or narrow their case to prevent the admission of certain evidence or preclude damaging testimony.

A lawyer can file various motions throughout the various phases of the case to strengthen your position and limit unwanted evidence.  That’s why it’s important to have a competent St. Louis litigation attorney who can help you file the right motions to protect your rights.

This differs from a good trial lawyer who merely walks into the trial without knowing the contours of the landscape and simply “wings it.”

A good litigation lawyer knows the issues that may arise, is prepared to argue each of these issues with case law or statutes backing his position, and limits many of these issues from ever touching the jurors’ ears, all before the trial even begins.

To carry out such precision in the litigation game, the lawyer has to act with deliberated moves and a well thought-out strategy.

We have attorneys who are trained in doing that.

We represent many corporate clients including privately held companies, publicly traded companies, as well as individuals involved in a number of commercial litigation disputes.

We are capable of representing the foregoing entities and individuals in a number of settings and venues in Missouri, including in arbitrations, in state courts, in federal courts, and in front of administrative agencies.

With the ever changing political and legal environment, our attorneys rely on their technological and business acumen to assist and guide you in taking the necessary steps to protect your most prized possession–your business and the assets you have worked so hard to acquire.

Commercial litigation can be the gateway through which your business thrives or dies. That’s why it is important to find and hire an experienced commercial litigation attorney.

You can trust our attorneys to represent you and your company in a variety of different matters whether you are dealing with a contractual dispute, construction defect claim, partnership dispute, or other serious matter.

We have a wealth of experience litigating for and against commercial entities.

If you’re involved in commercial litigation and need an attorney, we have the resources to provide you an expeditious and competent defense, so you can spend your time focusing on your business and not on litigation.

Call one of our St. Louis Litigation Attorneys today!

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